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02 February 2018

I am us what to be proud of are graduating students

I am us what to be proud of are graduating students

       The other day Куп'янськ visited well-known graduating student "Dream of UFC", champion and possessor of cup of Ukraine from футзалу, former player of youth collapsible Ukraine Serhij Малишко.
      After the dismissal of Kharkiv "Locomotive", where Serhij Малишко played past season, he in status of free agent was invited to the command "Titan" from the settlement of Покровського of the Dnepropetrovsk area.
       it is an only rural command that plays in Екстра-лізі of home футзалу, and by it she is unique, - Serhij tells. - What be more, "Titan" now is the leader of championship of Ukraine. Serhij Малишко plays a new command from July of the last year, he was well met there. Now Serhij together with sweet one lease an apartment in Покровському. He has permanent playing practice and played in all 14 calendar games of championship and skipped only one cup through traumas. Before completion of the first stage of championship there are two tours and command of Serhij Малишка has all chances to restrain on the first place, although a fight in overhead part of tournament table is very strong. 
      The first and fourth places divide three points only. After completion the second round in championship of Ukraine the stage will begin play-off, where the first command will play with ninth, second - with eighth and others like that. Id est yet every command has a chance to become the champion of Ukraine actually.
      Serhij until now a heat remembers the first trainers from a club "Dream of UFC" Dmytro Хомуткова and Ihor Сіроштана. He is always interested in businesses in "Dream" and passes greeting to the trainers.
       - Want to remind young footballers, that in football all depends only on them, is sure Serhij.
       - From their professional attitude not only toward training but also to the studies at school. It ensues from childhood to bring up in itself masculine character and not to yield on different fools of temptation, that simply eat a weak man afterwards, because a way on the bottom of life is always swift and irretrievable. And a man can restrain from it only with strong character.

Championship of Ukraine

First league U-17
1"Молодь" Полтава15
2"ЛІФКС" Кремінна13
3"ХТЗ" Харків9
4"Майстер м’яча" Харків8
5"Арена" Харків8
6"КДЮСШ" Суми7
7ДЮСШ ім. І.Горпинка Полтава5
8"ДВУОР" ім. С. Бубки5
9ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ5
10"Авангард" Краматорськ4
First league U-15
1"Молодь" Полтава16
2ДЮСШ ім. І.Горпинка Полтава15
3"Авангард" Краматорськ10
4"Арена" Харків10
5ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ10
6"Майстер м’яча" Харків9
7"ЛІФКС" Кремінна5
8"ДВУОР" ім. С. Бубки5
9"КДЮСШ" Суми3
10"ХТЗ" Харків1
Detailed table
14 OctoberU-15
ФК "Мрія ЮФК", Куп’янськ
Арена, Харків
14 OctoberU-17
ФК "Мрія ЮФК", Куп’янськ
Арена, Харків
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