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18 December 2017

The traditional opening of the IX mini-football tournament on the Day of St. Nicholas

The traditional opening of the IX mini-football tournament on the Day of St. Nicholas

     December 15 started the IX traditional mini-football tournament for St. Nicholas Day for the prizes of the Dream Club UFC. In total in this tournament will take part 70 teams of different age categories.
     And on December, 16th the ceremony of solemn opening of tournament for the youngest footballers of 2009-2010 years of birth passed. There gathered 20 teams from 12 clubs in Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions.
     The children with the opening of the tournament were congratulated by the head of the district state administration Mykola Sytnik. Sports director of the club "Dream UFC" Igor Siroshtan gave the words of congratulation from the president of the club, the chairman of the board of the fish company UFC Oleg Lushchyk.
     Also, the head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport Sergey Chudopal, a longtime partner and friend of the club "Dream UFC", veteran ATO, entrepreneur Nikolay Masliy, general director of the Metalist 1925 Football Club Volodymyr Linke, spoke.
     This is the first time in the history of the tournament at its opening, there was a delegation of the prominent Kharkiv football club, the title sponsor of which is also the trademark of "Norven" company UFC. Our fellow countryman from Kivsharivka, co-founder of Metalist 1925 FC Andriy Parnyk, was present.
     Among the honorable guests of the holiday were two graduates of our club "Mriya". This is a player of the Metalist 1925 team, Vladislav Krajev and Sergei Goncharov, now a defender of Ukraine serving in our armed forces.
     Traditionally, the opening ceremony was led by Tetyana Piskun. It was very moving to observe how the young players sang together with Tetyana Hymn of Ukraine.
      And then the entertainment for children began. There was a photo shoot with a club symbol with a white bear, and a quiz on knowledge of rules and terms of football, and a cheerful warm-up for the debut performance of the song about the fun bear. And the children from the dance group "Firebird", which is led by Irina Gutnik, performed excellently.
      And traditionally, the children simply with a crazy joy met a kind of rain from balloons, which "spilled" from under the ceiling on the football field. And also, traditionally, young footballers gave their legs and "all the goodies" tricked up all those balloons.
      The New Year's Tournament closes on December 29t

Championship of Ukraine

First league U-17
1"Арена" Харків23
2ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ23
3"ДВУОР" ім. С. Бубки22
4"Молодь" Полтава14
5"ХТЗ" Харків12
6"ЛІФКС" Кремінна11
7"ДЮСШ-9" Харків7
8"КДЮСШ" Суми5
9"ОЛІСП" Барса Суми5
10"Авангард" Краматорськ2
First league U-15
1ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ24
2"Молодь" Полтава18
3"ДВУОР" ім. С. Бубки18
4"ХТЗ" Харків17
5"Арена" Харків16
6"Авангард" Краматорськ11
7"ЛІФКС" Кремінна10
8"КДЮСШ" Суми8
9"ОЛІСП" Барса Суми4
10"ДЮСШ-9" Харків1
Detailed table
27 MayU-15
ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ
"Авангард" Краматорськ
27 MayU-17
ФК "Мрія ЮФК" Куп’янськ
"Авангард" Краматорськ
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